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Candy Warhol

Candy Warhol's Colouring Cans - Melbourne Edition

Candy Warhol's Colouring Cans - Melbourne Edition

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At 64 pages long, our newest book is far larger than the Sydney Edition. This is a colouring book for adults featuring 168 cans from 46 epic Melbourne breweries. And you will find yourself escaping into the glorious can art, while reminiscing about the good times spent in each brewery or planning your next trip to Melbourne.

Get crafty with these crafty cans - up to you if you stay loyal to the original artwork or go wild - we love to see whatever flair you want to use.

Many thanks to the legendary breweries who gave us permission to use their original artworks:

Bodriggy Brewing
Range Brewing
Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers
Braeside Brewing Co
Co Conspirators Brewing
Foreigner Brewing Co
Inner North Brewing Co
Temple Brewing Co
Avnge Brewing
Bad Shepherd Brewing
Local Brewing Co
Fixation Brewing
Molly Rose
Stomping Ground Brewery
The Mill Brewery
Bojak Brewing
Brick Lane Brewing
Dainton Brewing
Urban Alley
Edge Brewing Project
Deeds Brewing
Five 3 Brewing
The Boys Brewing
3 Griffins
Heaps Normal
Upflow Brewing
Ramblers Aleworks
Bonehead Brewing
Henry St Brewhouse
2 Brothers
Wolf of the Willows
CBCo Brewing
Westside Aleworks
Tallboy and Moose
Hawkers Brewing
Burnley Brewing
Banks Brewing
3 Ravens
Hop Nation
Two Birds Brewing
Sample Brewing

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