Colouring cans for the craft beer fans

Welcome to the world of Candy Warhol, where we get on the beers without getting on the beers!

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Candy Warhol's Colouring Cans

Sometimes we don’t need to sink cans to appreciate them. In the months crafting this project, I've spent a lot of time searching high and low for the best Sydney, Melbourne and Tassie breweries, and then finding the most quirky and creative cans they have to offer. Welcome to Candy Warhol's Colouring Cans - a colouring book, created for adults. Crack open your can of creativity, escape into colour and let the good times roll in a session you'll never forget.

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  • Colouring Cans - Sydney Edition

    Featuring 148 cans from 38 beloved Sydney breweries, across 50 pages. This book maps out breweries in the Northern Beaches, the Shire, into Bondi in the East and into the inner west.

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  • Colouring Cans - Melbourne Edition

    With 168 cans from 46 epic Melbourne breweries, this larger edition provides page after page of vibrant can art ready to be filled in with or without enjoying a cold tinnie at the same time.

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  • Colouring Cans - Tasmania Edition

    For the first time, we've taken over an entire state AND included both cans and bottles. Sink your teeth into 131 unique designs from 38 Tassie breweries, plus 3 epic maps and 8 blank can-vases.

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  • Fantastic Bars and where to find them

    A literary and visual guide to all the pubs, clubs and bars that Sydney has to offer. Filled with venues, creative cocktails, sights around Sydney and funny stories from bar-hoping on the road.

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Sometimes... we're just not ok.

Along with Black Dog Institute we're looking to break the stigma about discussing mental health.

The first step (and the hardest) is usually turning to a loved friend, colleague or family member, and telling them when you're not doing well. Some people find this extremely difficult but we want to make it easier.

Research shows just 10 mins a day of colouring in reduces anxiety and depression. We also believe it clears up the filters which might block you from processing and communicating what's really on your mind.

Life can get better, and it might start with colouring in your favourite cans. 10% of profits from all Candy Warhol book sales are donated to support Black Dog Institute's vision of a mentally healthier world.

Let's be real



It's not so much about the beers nor their cans but more the company we keep, the good times we share and the memories we make.