About Candy Warhol

Hi there,

I’m Connor, a 31 year old tradie from Sydney’s Inner West. While I work on site during the day, I’ve found escapism through graphic design and other creativities at night.

Every year I make art and books to entertain my mates and family, including a written guide to Sydney’s pubs called Fantastic Bars and Where To Find Them, an illustrated map called The Alcoholic's Atlas, and a children's book called Dollie the Dallie and the Case of the Missing Spots.

After a bout of post-holiday blues and months of research and illustrating, I'm now proud to announce my latest project, Candy Warhol. It's dedicated to Australia's breweries and their cans which spark a sense of home and belonging to millions of people. Grab your Tassie, Melbourne AND Sydney editions NOW!



Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates in this brewery-verse of badness. 

Send me your artwork via Instagram or reach out for further collaboration via my enquiry form.


Your friendly neighbourhood Canman!