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Candy Warhol

Candy Warhol’s Colouring Cans - Tasmania Edition

Candy Warhol’s Colouring Cans - Tasmania Edition

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Welcome to the Great Southern State. I’m pleased to present the Tasmania Edition of Candy Warhol’s Colouring Cans. For the first time, it includes both cans and bottles from breweries throughout the beautiful island.

To find the Breweryverse’s most creative designs, I took a road trip around Tassie and experienced the unique character of each small Brewery and the towns, cities and small islands in which they’re located.

This edition includes 38 breweries and 131 of their unique cans and bottles to colour in; plus 3 Tassie maps and 8 blank cans for your own creations.

Thank you to the following brewing legends for giving their blessing to be featured in this book:

22 Paces Brewing

Bicheno Beer Co.

Bruny Island Beer Co.

Buttons Brewing

Captain Blighs

Cascade Brewing

Communion Brewing

Deep South Brewing Co.

Du Cane Brewery

Frank’s Cider House

Hobart Brewing Co

Ironhouse Brewing

Island State Brewing

James Boag

King Island Brewhouse

Little Green Men

Little Rivers Brewing

Manchild Brewing

McHenry Brewing

Miners Gold

Moo Brew

Morrison Brewery

Ocho Beer

Pagan Beer

Penguin Beer Co.

Red Brick Road Cider

Seven Sheds Brewing

Shambles Brewery

Spotty Dog Brewery

Spreyton Cider Co.

T Bone Brewing Co.

The Albert Brewery

Two Cities Brewing

Two Metre Tall Farmhouse

Van Dieman Brewing

Waubs Harbour

Welcome Swallow Brewery

Willie Smith’s


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